Tramaine de Senna

16 februari t/m 14 maart

“The comedian studies himself; the actor studies other people.  The comedian wants to be himself; the actor wants to be anyone but themselves.”
– Jerry Seinfeld, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Through their experiences and stories, a comedian recognizes the fantastic absurdities of living.  If the comedian's audience reciprocates with recognition to these particular truths, then humor has arrived, blowing down pretense, leveling things, erasing hierarchies. 
The appearance of things is the surface, the manifest, which holds witness to its own history, its attitude, experiences and stories.  Appearances can reveal “the nature of the ambiguous presence”[1], where the observer experiences a sudden moment of insight for something to mean something. 
Within this work, the appearance of things occurs with the top forms absorbing into their pedestals: simultaneously they are one.  The work appears as an abstraction, where parts and fragments are taken out and what is left is the facade, a symbol, which bears all of the elements that constitute to its character.  As how a fetish functions, the objects are charged with connotations and parallel existences – their parallel existences.  Through that they give out a highly absurd feeling, becoming pure existences of the charge in the form of appearances.