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Leon Bloch

One day, a couple decided to get a dog. 
They heard that someone was giving away puppies, so they went to see them and brought one home. 
The puppy grew into a fine young dog, always jolly, barking and wagging its tail every time someone passed by. They were happy with it, but the couple both worked away from home, and every morning when they closed the door behind them, they could hear the dog cry, for it couldn’t stand to be left alone. 
And every time they heard the dog’s cry, their hearts shattered like glass falling onto the ground.
Finally they decided it had to stop, and they went to get a second dog.
And that is when the frenzy started,
It was two dogs, then three, and finally they were left with a small Dalmatian,
A blue French bulldog, a flat Labrador, and a big Great Dane. 
The couple was so happy with their four dogs, 
and every morning,
when they would leave for work and turn the key in the key hole,
they would hear coming from inside the house;
a cacophony of wails and cries,
and their hearts would shatter like glass falling on the ground. 

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