The Infinite Youthful

Giving value to an everyday object like a cleaning towel by manually stitching a hundred of them together, just to have someone erasing the stitches on purpose. 
Looking for a meaning, connecting thoughts by embroidering little poems and sentences onto the towels, trying to very subtly hint what it’s all about. 
Trying to make a connection with the beauty industry, where insecurities can be fixed quickly,
until the point where there is nothing left of the original beauty. 

It’s a thin line, it’s easily crossed and time is irrelevant to determine value. 

Asking these questions and looking for their answers is a process of confrontation in which layer by layer, the fixed ideas of beauty constructed over the years slowly dissolve.

We take layer after layer
Until nothing is left,
As a way to make the used unseen.
Hiding while no one is seeking.
Hiding from all that is real. 

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